The Water Cooler: Volume two, part one


By Bonta Hill

Boys and girls, I welcome you back to school to another edition of the award-winning column, the “Water Cooler.”

Maybe the “award-winning” part is not entirely accurate, but who’s really paying attention?

This past summer, my life consisted of three things: baseball, Facebook, and more baseball. Pretty exciting, huh? While some of you may have already dozed off and stopped reading, these topics I’m going to talk about will surely get you going like a triple non-fat latte.

Mike Vick is Back

It’s good to see the Philadelphia Eagles step up and give this kid a second chance. A lot of people out there think that Vick should have done more time and doesn’t deserve a shot at resuming his career.

I’m in no way condoning what Vick did — his slaughtering of dogs because of their lack of performance in dog fights was egregious, but don’t you think that after losing $130 million, endorsement deals and spending two years locked up that he has paid the price?

I think he’s done more than enough. After watching his interview on “60 Minutes”, Vick seemed very remorseful, saddened and crushed by what he did. Whether or not he plays at the level he did before his conviction is one thing, but his second chance is well deserved. Let’s hope he doesn’t blow it.

Random Observations

Who the hell thought the San Francisco Giants would be playing meaningful baseball in late August? I sure didn’t. While it has been exciting to see this young team scrap and claw to be in this position, it’s tough for me to see the club making the postseason…

Here’s a shocker — David Ortiz of the Boston Red Sox, has been accused of testing positive for taking banned substances. Do the fans even care anymore about players using steroids? Commissioner Bud Selig doesn’t. Why should I?

Tiger Woods lost a major tournament for the first time when leading  going into the final round. Tiger can blame his putting game on this one. It was awful at the PGA tournament. I can hear Tiger cursing himself as I type…Til next time.

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