There’s An App For That

Rate My Professors app and Pulse news app. BROADUS PARKER / THE GUARDSMAN

The Guardsman

Oz Litvac

Smartphones are taking over as the standard all-in-one device, many helpful phone apps will cost you more than a few dollars. However, there are apps that are free and just as helpful to the common, broke student.

Apps can be used for organizing our everyday school work, studying for exams, keeping track of homework or even just staying on top of news, culture and nightlife.

Here are five of the many applications out there used by young rock-star students.

1. Most of us know of the website Rate My Professors. Those who haven’t might have had a frustrating experience with the “wrong” instructors during their academic career. Rate My Professors is now app-friendly, which makes choosing your classes that much easier and accessible while on the go. City College currently has 73 departments available for viewing. You can leave your comments or read up on who’s saying what.

2. Those who like to keep up-to-date on news flashes, local event dates or new technology updates will love the Pulse news app. It allows you to add up to 12 categories filled with magazines, newspapers, and other publications. You can browse their catalog or customize your pages with the publications you care about, choose a pack such as gaming, fashion, politics or a fun pack to keep you up-to-date on trends and events.

3. MyHomework is very simple to use and will make your school days seem a lot easier by helping you keep track of important assignments and class schedules with the help of homework reminders. The app also gives you the option to sync all of your important to-do’s across all of your devices.

4. ITunes U gives you access to courses from leading universities and other schools. With an average 4.5 star rating, it is the largest digital catalog of free educational content in the world. Free courses are offered on a wide array of subjects, from an organic chemistry course taught through Yale University, to an introductory algorithmics course taught through the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Every student should have it.

5. Most people use Wikipedia more often than actually researching credible sources for specific information. When you just want to know the answer to something quick, then Wikipanion is the app for you. You can even tweet a link.