Two Years at City College

The Guardsman

Thomas Figg-Hoblyn

City College was an extremely rewarding, albeit challenging experience.  I made it in two years, earning my associates degree and transferring to San Francisco State.

I had a great counselor, Lisa Romano, who guided me the whole time, and my financial aid was smooth and painless.
And most of all, my teachers were awesome.

It has been quite a while  since I was last in school, so there were some serious holes in my education, particularly in math.
I tested in to basic math and English 96, which I was ok with, considering the last time I took an English class was when I was 15, and I basically taught myself how to write from a lifetime of reading.

I put in a tremendous number of hours and learned a tremendous amount of knowledge.

The instruction at City College was exceptional.  You hear all the time that it’s the teachers at City College that make the difference – and they do.  You get a lot of one-on-one attention, and if you show respect and work hard, they will give you what you need.

My English teachers were incomparable, including Francine Foltz in  96, John Fielding in 1A and Erwin Barron in 1B.

My journalism advisors were top-notch, and I have probably learned more about journalism and reporting here at City College than what they teach at the university level.

Math instructor Can Celik was able to successfully teach me algebra, geometry and trigonometry over several semesters, and I am forever grateful to his patience and wisdom.

And Marco Mojica taught me a different perspective in Latin American Studies, particularly regarding how most of us are manipulated  by the wealthy and elite, whether we know it or not.  What you think is a good cause, may be someone else’s master plan.

But my favorite teacher will always be Art History Instructor Dr. Maria Cheremeteff, for her brilliance, spirit and elegance.

My City College education is priceless, and now that I have it, along with my life’s experience, the world is my oyster.

See ya!

The Guardsman