SFSU and CCSF journalism students joining in historic dual coverage of March in March



By The Editor

The Guardsman

Watch TheGuardsman.com and GoldenGateXpress.org on Monday, March 5 for our joint coverage of the March in March on Monday in Sacramento, CA, from 10am until late that night.

The two newspapers will merge reporters and editors for live video streaming, tweeting, photo and YouTube coverage of the Occupy Education and student led march to California’s capitol.

“By sharing knowledge and coordinating our efforts, we can cover more ground, reach a broader audience and have a greater effect on our communities. Together, we will go far beyond what either of us has done separately in the past,” The Guardsman’s News Editor Sara Bloomberg said.

Last year’s March in March gathered over 10,000 students who protested statewide budget cuts to higher education on the lawn of the capitol building.

This year’s protest sees a new wrinkle in its partnership with Occupy Education, which plans to “Occupy” the capitol building and Community College Board of Governor’s meeting, which is taking place the day of the march.
The Guardsman’s video coverage of last year’s March in March. Video by Joe Fitzgerald

The partnership is the first time that the San Francisco State University and City College of San Francisco’s journalism departments will work together to break live news in either school’s institutional memory. The Xpress will bring its expertise in online breaking news technology, while The Guardsman will provide a larger news crew in Sacramento than would be possible otherwise.

The coverage comes at a time of crossroads in education funding in California. Over $140 million was recently cut in state funding from community colleges, City College stands on the brink of receivership, and student fees continue to rise as financial aid is beginning to dwindle.

“I owe $27,000 and i have no degree to show for it,” Guardsman reporter Alexander Schmaus said of his time at San Francisco State. Schmaus spoke to a crowd of about 500 gathered in front of San Francisco’s City Hall on March 1, a prelude to the March 5 protests in Sacramento.

The initial March 1 protest in San Francisco was covered by Xpress here– http://www.goldengatexpress.org/2012/03/01/rally-turnout/ and by The Guardsman here– http://theguardsman.com/march12012protest/ .




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