News Briefs

College Spending Still High

By Milo Kahney

On Thursday Oct. 24th, the City College Board of Trustees assembled for a regular meeting at Conlan Hall Room 101.

The Budget and Audit Committee gave a presentation on how City College’s expense rate is rising much faster than its income streams, even with recent cuts to classes. This means that further cost cutting measures may be imminent.  

It was announced that board members hope to increase enrollment by five percent in the coming years in order to cope with enrollment income losses. Overall, enrollment is strong and trending upwards. 

Trustees are starting to focus more upon increasing the transparency of the college’s available programs and making class time more flexible.

Some major developments that occurred are that the Office of the Associate Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs overviewed their rollout of the Student Success Dashboard and unanimous decision was made by the board to implement a stipend for a design build at the Diego Rivera Theatre.

During public comment, academic counselor, Li Lovett, raised concerns about the unavailability of counselors and suggested the college hire additional employees in order to better meet students’ needs. 

Computer and Informational Technology Professor, Abigail Bornstein, inquired about the lack of funds that were supposed to be allotted for faculty pay raises. 

The next monthly board meeting will be held Nov. 14 at 4 p.m, also at Conlan Hall. 


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