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Have Your Say

By Andy Damian-Correa
Photos by Saroya Mackey
What are your safety concerns on campus?


“I’ve been here for a year and I feel like I don’t have any concerns about that.” — Claire Chang


“There isn’t a program telling us what to do, but with a little common sense and maturity we know what to do in that situation.” — Amia Luis, Construction Management Electrical Engineering



“I think that people are on high alert, but I am not too worried about it. I don’t think we’ve had the training on where to go, or what to do so we’ll just run.”    — Vail Szendrei,  Physics


“When walking to Cloud Hall from Creative Arts building some of the stairs are slanted and I almost fell and I feel there’s always people crossing roads at whatever time.”   — Kharisma de la Cruz, Medical Assisting


“Don’t think people will really mess with me that much. But if  there is a reason,  I would throw my life aside to save someone who’s around me.”    Wilson Paun, Industrial Design Transfer
The Guardsman