Trump’s attacks on Media set dangerous precedent

By Andy Damián Correa

     President Donald Trump has repeatedly called the press “enemies of the people.” This lie sets a dangerous precedent for a free and open society. Trump refuses to acknowledge a journalists’ responsibility to question him, to hold him accountable, and to seek the truths behind his statements.

Rather than being enemies of the people, reporters serve the public by asking questions in the interest of the people. The free press is known as the fourth estate—an industry protected in the Constitution. We, as American journalists in the 21st century, should not have to fear being censored as is the reality in other countries.

Trump is not the only state leader to discredit news reports he disapproves. Other authoritarian leaders have gone against the press, such as Vladimir Putin, Viktor Orban and Nicolas Maduro.

Politicians must be required to answer the peoples’ questions. They work for the people therefore they should be held accountable. Journalist must ask the tough questions on both sides.

The journalistic standard is to inform the public about issues on the local, national and international stage. The president has a great influence on the relationship between the media and the government. Therefore, it’s imperative to have civil encounters between government officials and the media.

The media at large has a great responsibility to inform the public with facts and evidence. Publishers and the media have a duty to report what is factual, and media companies must bare in mind the obligation to report ethically.

The American public cannot allow the silencing or threatening of journalists to persist. Trump’s attacks against the media can’t be taken lightly, and fellow journalist must stand up for one another if their voices are being silenced. We need to unite, here and now.

The Guardsman