Month: December 2022


Amid AB705 Improvements, Concerns Remain

“Students who might have been disadvantaged by a placement test and ended up with a very low placement as a result, were able to enroll in transfer-level math classes and succeed when supported adequately. It was truly revolutionary.”

“If I had been placed (directly) in precalculus I would have given up and never developed the mental skills, the math maturity, the “muscle memories,” and never discovered the beauty of math.”

“So as a result, starting in the fall of 2022 we are no longer offering pre-transfer level English and math classes.”

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DSPS Accessible Theater Arts Teacher Sparks Creativity, Self-Confidence, and Self-Expression

Judy Goodman, longtime Accessible Theater Arts teacher in City College’s Disabled Students Programs and Services department (DSPS), directs an adaptive version of Lin Manuel Miranda’s hip hop musical “In the Heights” for two performances on December 16. Goodman sparks creativity, self-confidence and self-expression in her students.

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The Guardsman