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Have Your Say: How was your experience with City College’s new website?

Have Your Say

By Michael Montalvo


“I would love for staff to show us step by step on the website and help us throughout the process.”
— Nasif Ghanayem, Photograpghy
“I like the new website , at first it was hard to use but I wouldn’t change it. It’s easy to use now.” — Mamatta Ghimire, Marketing
“I think it’s better now than what it was when I first camer here. I like the panels so you can see y our week and your whole schedule.”
— Lepepalina Malieitulua,
Pacific Island Studies
“I think Banner 9 should be redone so it’s easier to find where to registeer.”
–Kyle Hill, English Teacher
“Explain the step more easily, and have more people at the registration office.”
— James Burgess, Environmental Science
The Guardsman