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Have Your Say

by Michael Montalvo


How do you get to school?


“I take BART to school but I think driving to school is the best way because you don’t have to deal with people on BART.”
Omar Chicas, Computer Science


“I normally get to school from bus and sometimes on BART, I think BART has some shady people but overall I think BART is good.”
Jonathan Vazquez, Cinema

“I bart to school but one of the safest ways to get to school is to drive.”
Gary Robinson, Theater


“I drive to school but sometimes I take BART when the traffic is bad, I think BART is okay when it comes to safety. You have to look out for some bad people.”
Felix Yu, Kinesiology
“I live on campus so I don’t travel but I heard some mixed reviews on BART, I’ve been on it and so far it’s been fine with me.”
Mark Chopot, Computer Science and Engineering
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