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Women in power, five contenders enter for 2020 elections

By Jerusha Kamoji



For the first time in United States history, there are five women in the senate who will run in the 2020 presidential elections.


Senator Kamala Harris of California, Kirsten Gillibrand of New York, Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts, Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota and representative Tulsi Gabbard of Hawaii’s second district all announced their ballot earlier this year.


Not only does their participation diversify the candidates to choose from in 2020, their candidacy deviates the focus from whether a woman can do the job, because unlike the 2016 elections there is more than one woman running.


America is ready and need’s female president. The results of the 2016 elections shed light on the level of patriarchy that is still accepted in U.S society.


Electing a leader that openly degrades women by chanting slogans protected by the first amendment, illustrates how we can no longer elect officials who still believe and represent all of the ideal’s that founded this country over 100 years ago.


These women offer diverse backgrounds that exemplify America’s current demographic.


Senator Kamala Harris was born in the United States to an immigrant family. She developed a reputation for being tough, handling gang violence, drug trafficking and sexual abuse cases during her time as the Deputy District Attorney in Oakland. Her diverse background makes her the first Indian American woman in the Senate and the only black woman in the upper chamber.


Senator Kirsten Gillibrand served on the Armed Services Committee and is well known for speaking out and handling sexual assault cases in the military. She is a mother, with up to ten years experience in the senate.


Senator Elizabeth Warren began waiting tables at age 13 after her father’s death due to a heart attack. Since then, she has earned two degrees, a B.S in Speech Pathology from the University of Houston and a Law Degree from Rutgers University. She has become an expert in bankruptcy, at one point serving as President Obama’s appointee “to oversee the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.” (Katz, Glamour) 


At age 37, Representative Tulsi Gabbard is the youngest contender in the race. Gabbard serves on the House Committee on Armed Services and Foreign Affairs Committees. She is the first Hindu to serve on Congress and offers a young and fresh perspective.


Senator Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota has been referred to as a firm employer, however reports suggest many of her supporters believe she is the most relatable of all the Democrats contending, “She’s got a blend of Midwestern politesse and diplomacy. She’s not a household name, but she was able to turn deep-red counties blue in her reelection.” (Katz, Glamour)


Donald Trump, to say the least, was a glitch in the matrix. His experience handling large businesses did not translate to the diplomacy, brawn and brain required to run one of the world’s most powerful countries.


To all the U.S citizens out there, make sure you get out and vote so we don’t have to watch another four year circus. America has a global platform and can change the world for better.





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