News Briefs

Board of Trustees voted to approve a $30 million facility bond to the 1550 Evans building.


By An Pham 


The majority of the Board of Trustees (BoT) voted “aye” to approve the 2020 Master Bond List including the $30 million facility bond for 1550 Evans at their regular meeting on Sep 24, 2020.


The $30 million facility bond for the Evans Campus, located on 1550 Evans Ave,  was suddenly put as “pending” on the list at the last minute for a final revision surprised both the BoT and the community that supported the project.  


Public commenters were fuming that the community were supporting the project when it was brought to the ballot, and now City College might break their promise. Most commentators were worried about the fact that the $30 million bonds might be removed from the list. 


“Why do we have to beg for everything, why can’t these educational opportunities be given to us like everybody else?” said a retired ESL instructor Marlene Tran.


All members of BoT all voted yes, making sure the bond won’t be removed, except for Trustee Thea Selby. She understood why a revision might be needed “We have always promised way more than we can deliver.” Selby said, “When I look at the list, I see a wish list.”


Another controversial item on the agenda was the contract between City College and One Workplace, making sure the company does not exceed $299,881.59 which includes the $125,000 that was already approved in June. 


The BoT was surprised and confused that One Workplace needed more money for the emergency services they were supposed to build. The company had already used over budget since the $125,000 that was approved since June. 

A consulting legal counsel told the board to move this item into closed session incase of legal issues. The BoT decided to tabled the item for the next meeting. 

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