Financial Aid Department introduces FASFA Fastlane

By Amal Ben Ghanem


In an effort to provide crucial resources and information to students about financial aid opportunities, City College’s Financial Aid Office held its annual “Financial Aid Awareness Day” on Feb. 21 at the Wellness Center’s outdoor pavilion.


The event focused around a workshop where experts helped students complete applications for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and California Dream Act (CADAA) of 2018-2019 and 2019-2020.


“The purpose of this event is to build awareness around financial aid because we find a lot of students who don’t know that fit exists,” Financial Specialist Jonathan Tan said.


According to the Financial Aid Office, 81 students attended the workshop and completed their applications. One of the first to arrive was child development student Stephanie Rivera, who after hearing about financial aid, went to seek help with filling out FAFSA.

Students are checking in to participate in the Financial Aid Awarness Day held by the Financial Aid office at the Wellness Center’s amphitheater on Feb. 21, 2019. Photo by Amal Ben Ghanem.

“The financial specialist was really helpful and the process of completing my application was easy and fast,” said Nicolas Lopez, a fourth semester student in the Construction Management program. “I need this financial aid to finish my school and to transfer. Otherwise, I have to work 30 hours per week to pay my bills and study,’’ he said.


When completing a FAFSA or a CADAA, a student can also take advantage of other state financial aid, including the Cal Grant, as long as they complete their FAFSA or California Dream Act Application by Mar. 2, Tan said.


Aside from the workshop, the event welcomed many students with lunch, ruffles tickets and prizes presented to students who applied for FAFSA or CADAA or completed their applications.

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