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Student Assembly Meets Again to Address College Issues



By Saroya Mackey

Two City college students, Marcoz Cruz and Winmon Kyi, held the first student assembly of the semester on Sept. 25th in the MUB on Ocean Campus to discuss prevalent student issues. 

Last semester, the Student Assembly was used as an outlet for students and faculty to share their thoughts on the class-cut situation and to express their concerns about the administration.  This semester, students involved with the assembly are looking to achieve more student representation on campus. 

Initially, students were asked to partner up and introduce themselves to each other in order to build community; a simple action which made the environment comfortable. 

After introductions, students got down to business and began discussing previous efforts to stop class cuts including on-campus protests and participating in public comment at the City College Board of Trustees meetings.

A common theme among complaints from students were that class cuts have been leaving students unable to complete their studies at City College and therefore, have been pushed out to complete their degrees at different colleges or find an alternative route.

A solution offered by students at the assembly was to break the assembly itself up into several working groups to focus efforts on meeting specific goals. Four core groups were formed: outreach, communications, research and fundraising. 

These groups will work on separate projects including room to room presentations, social media outreach and finding sustainable funding sources for classes that have been cut and the assembly itself. 

Finally, several future objectives were discussed before students disbursed. Goals were set to include accessible and safe public transit, stopping more classes from being cut and creating or finding a funding source so that more classes can be offered so City college students receive a more well-rounded education.

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