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What should I do you if I see a coyote on campus?

  • Coyotes are usually skittish around humans and typically try to avoid people whenever possible. If you encounter A coyote:
  • Never see coyotes or leave food outside. Secure trash can’s and keep bird eaters out of reach.
  • Never attempt to tame a coyote.
  • Do you not turn your back on a coyote or runaway from a coyote.
  • If approached, make loud noises and make yourself look big. If this fails, throw rocks or other objects.
  • Always keep yourself between the coyote and small children.
  • Don’t feed other animals that coyotes play upon. This includes birds, cats, and squirrels.
  • Notified campus public safety of the coyote sighting.




Photo courtesy of Andrew Ciscel


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