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Have Your Say

By Michael Montalvo

Photos by Jared Lue

“Do you think Facebook has run it’s course on the web?”

“Yeah, I think so, because you don’t really see anyone on Facebook anymore, well besides the older generation.”
Kari Perea, Early Childhood Education


“No, because it’s very helpful to talk to my family in Southeast Asia. It connects me with my family.”
-Khine Nyein, Architecture


“I think so, I mean I am not into Facebook, I like other social media’s. Facebook has a lot of fake news and data privacy drama.”
Fredy Pineda, Business


“No, I don’t think so, it’s useful to connect with family and friends. It’s useful for its groups and the insight you can get.”
Bradley Dean Anderson, Theater


“no, Facebook is used for the elder and it helps the older generation to connect with their family.”
Veronica Fulbright, Sociology
The Guardsman