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Have Your Say

“What do you think about City College’s cleanliness?”




“From what I have seen the school does good on keeping the campus clean, from my perspective they seem to have clear designated areas for where trash should go.” Andre Manzonzi — Behavioral Science



“I feel that the newer buildings are up to par but the older buildings need more TLC (tender love and care) and compared to other schools I’ve been to, City College is more considerate about the trash bin options they give us.” Fabiola Hildalgo — Undeclared




“I’m not really concerned with the school cleanliness. I’m just here for my education, but definitely if the bathrooms were dirty I would let someone know because wants to use a dirty bathroom.” David Benton — Liberal Arts


“I feel they could improve cleanliness in the girls locker room for sure and certain areas of the school that most people wouldn’t go to like the shortcuts or even the stairs by Conlin Hall.” Alexandria Knuckles — Kinesiology



“I would say they could pick the trash that’s here and there, and that traffic plays a role with them pushing in debris and trash so they can’t really blame the students completely.” William Makarewicz — Undecided
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