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Students come together for spring 2019 “Unity Day” fair

By Jerusha Kamoji


The Associated Student and Inter Club council hosted the spring 2019 Unity Day fair on March 20. The event was held at City Cafe in the Student Union building on Ocean Campus. Members and students mingled, learning about one another and signing up for new and different clubs.


“Being in a club provides that sense of community and it helps students build networking skills,” Angela Campos said. She is the Vice President of Administration at the Associated Student Council and Inter Club Council.

Monica Newcomb (left) attempts the tower of Hanoi, a mathematical problem solving game, after Juntian Lu explained the game’s rules during Unity Day on March 20, 2019. Photo by Cliff Fernandes/The Guardsman

Kristina Hines, co president of the portfolio club spoke about a new website the group was working on to better showcase student work, and connect campus clubs to one another using graphic links. “We built a website to have e – shows to feature their [Portfolio Club members] work. It will probably be finished by the end of the week,” Hines stated.


Diana Li Sam, member of the Immigration club spoke about the importance of socializing foreign students. The club was recently recognized and allows international students to meet and discuss their experiences since moving to the United States. “We cherish each others culture,” Li Sam said.


The fair had a taco truck with free tacos from El Tonayense Catering Co. Music was provided by BEMA and there were events including chubby bunny and photos with Rocky the Ram throughout the afternoon.

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