After the War Blues comes to the City College Stage

A poster for the play “After the War Blues,” presented by the CCSF Theater Arts Department. It depicts a man playing the trumpet out the window of a classical San Francisco victorian.
Photo courtesy of the Theater Arts Department.

By Jenna Lacome

From May 10 to May 11 the City College Theater Department is putting on a production of “After the War Blues.” The play will be performed at the Z Space, an independent theater on 450 Florida Street.

“After the war blues”, written by Philip Kan Gotanda, is a story about the struggles of Japanese Americans re-integrating after being interned during World War II. They are met with the new African American culture that has sprung up in San Francisco. Racial tension and forbidden romances flare while the two communities attempt to piece together their future. The play also features the jazz and swing music that is so emblematic of San Francisco during that time.

The play writer, Philip Kan Gotanda, is a famed bay area playwright known for his focus on Asian American struggles. Gotanda’s influence has helped bring the stories of Asian Americans to the main stream, as well as bring American theater to Europe and Asia. Gotanda’s body of work includes such prolific plays as “The Wash” and “Yohen”.

The play will be performed on May 10 and 11 at 7:30pm and on May 12 at 2pm. General admission will be $15, or $10 students, seniors and TBA members will. You can also get in for free with a valid student ID.

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