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Affordable housing proposals submitted for Balboa Reservoir property

By Bethaney Lee

The Balboa Reservoir property on Phelan Avenue may see a face lift from currently servicing students as a parking lot, to affordable housing.

J.K. Dineen with “SF Chronicle” reported “three development groups have been selected to submit housing proposals.”

Dineen continued in the article “3 to submit proposals for housing on site near City College of SF” reporting, “On Thursday, the Mayor’s Office of Housing and Community Development identified the three teams that were deemed to be the most competitive among the nine that responded to the request for qualifications issued in November.”

Avalon Bay, Emerald Fund and Related of California have all partnered with various groups specializing in affordable housing, like Habitat for Humanity and Mercy Housing.

According to Dineen’s article the homes are expected to target 18 percent low-income residents, 15 percent moderate-income families, 17 percent of a mix between the two and the remaining 50 percent left for market-rate units.

Dineen quoted the Director of Development with the Office of Economic and Workforce Development, Ken Rich, having said: “The three development teams selected as finalists “represent a tremendous amount of experience in building affordable housing in San Francisco and a commitment to engage the surrounding community to ensure a proposal that meets the needs and cultural fabric of this neighborhood.”

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