Longtime City College-SFMOMA Collaboration Results in Student Mural on Frida Kahlo Way

Painting students at the time, Barbara Bolls-Guillory, Itzli Ceja and Xiaoyu Luo painted the Frida Kahlo panel together. The three benefitted from the workshop in a multitude of ways, from the community aspect to the technical skills learned.

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Morrissey Returns to Bay Area to Play at Historic Fox Oakland Theater for Delighted Fans

Morrissey packs historic Fox Oakland Theater in sold out show. The Fox Oakland Theater has become a favorite among award winning musicians ever since it was bought by a man whose parents met at the theater.

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DSPS Accessible Theater Arts Teacher Sparks Creativity, Self-Confidence, and Self-Expression

Judy Goodman, longtime Accessible Theater Arts teacher in City College’s Disabled Students Programs and Services department (DSPS), directs an adaptive version of Lin Manuel Miranda’s hip hop musical “In the Heights” for two performances on December 16. Goodman sparks creativity, self-confidence and self-expression in her students.

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The Guardsman