Breaking the Silence: Addressing Mental Health Barriers in Filipino/a/x and BIPOC Communities

May 20, 2023 The Guardsman 0

The month of May is Mental Health Awareness Month and Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month. The Filipino Student Association at City College organized a panel discussion on May 5 at the Student Health Center to commemorate this. City College is a community college serving a diverse student population, should be responsible for providing spaces like this and resources and support for students from all backgrounds. This includes mental health resources that are culturally sensitive and appropriate for the needs of Filipino/a/x and BIPOC students. 

‘Community’ College Never Rang So True

May 1, 2023 The Guardsman 0

City College has had a vibrant yet tumultuous history. Enrollment has ebbed and flowed, but only in the last decade, has the college had to face some of its toughest challenges. Time and time again, the dedicated employees and community members have stood up for their college.

City College’s Lack of Transparency is a Training Ground for Journalists

April 10, 2023 The Guardsman 0

In a school that’s full of tensions from faculty salary concessions during a surplus year, to no heat in classrooms, a journalist doesn’t have to go far to find news-worthy stories. Additionally, City College provides a great training ground to think creatively about how to access public information, because it is surprisingly hard to get ahold of it.