City College’s ‘Encampment For Palestine’ Shut Down

Remains of an encampment sit on the east lawn below Cloud Hall at Ocean Campus on May 20, 2024. Photo by Franchon Smith/The Guardsman

By Patrina Harrison

On Thursday morning, nearly four-days after a three-tent encampment was erected on City College’s Ocean campus, student protestors in negotiation with campus police agreed to vacate the lawn of Cloud hall.

A banner hangs on a railing outside of Cloud Hall, constituting the ‘Free Palestine Encampment’ on City College’s Ocean campus on May 15, 2024. Photo by Seamus Geoghegan/The Guardsman

The dismantling of the encampment, according to Student Trustee Heather Brandt, was in consultation with campus police due to “safety concerns.”

Students erected their encampment May 13 on the lawn behind Cloud Hall that faces George M. Rush Stadium. Demonstrators called for a ceasefire, and urged City College to stop providing funds to companies that send money to Israel.

During the protest, students could be seen sitting in lawn chairs surrounded by a table filled with food, snacks and refreshments. 

By noon on May 16, campus police had blocked access to the stairs leading to the tent encampment.

Campus police met with demonstrators in the Associated Students office, with the protestors agreeing to leave. Their tents and other belongings have been left on the lawn as of May 20.

A small encampment for Palestine on City College’s Ocean campus sits under the fog on May 15, 2024. The next day, campus police removed the demonstrators. Photo by Seamus Geoghegan/The Guardsman

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