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Future City College Students Explore CCSF Connect 2024

Booths shared prospective students information and brochures at the Open House and Resource fair. Saturday, Apr. 27, 2024. Photo by Emilio Lopez-Molina/The Guardsman

By Jeremy Zhu

CCSF Connect 2024 Open House and Resource Fair took place at City College’s Ocean Campus in Multi-Use Building (MUB) Room 140 on April 27.

City College’s Workforce Development Office and Outreach Department hosted this year’s fair. The event, running from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m., intended to increase student enrollment for the Fall 2024 semester by demonstrating the opportunities and services City College offers to the San Francisco community. 

Outside of MUB 140, five booths showcased student services and resources: Financial Aid, Administration and Records/Registration, Disabled Student Program Services, Completion Center/Counseling Services, and Assessment Center.

Attendee’s visit booths during City College’s annual Open House and Resource fair. Saturday, Apr. 27, 2024. Photo by Jeremy Zhu/The Guardsman

Inside the room, 27 booths represented various departments, arranged in rows with a contact list sign-up sheet and departmental pamphlets. Some booths offered stamps for the Bingo card of the event.

Red, black, and white balloons adorned the walls, with a spiraling tower of balloons stood outside the conference room. 

By 11 a.m., the hallway booths were crowded, with attendees nearly shoulder-to-shoulder.

Tina Wong from Disabled Students Programs and Services mentioned that their department provides counseling, accommodations, and classes for students with disabilities.

At the Financial Aid booth, Miguel Niramontes explained that their office assists students in need with aid for rent, food, tuition, and supplies, ensuring that financial worries don’t hinder their education.

Jenny Chach from Registration highlighted their role in assisting with class registration, tuition fee payment, and deadline reminders.

Attendees like Jose Hernandez and Diego Sanchez expressed positive experiences and intentions to enroll in the Fall.

Several booths were creatively decorated, such as the Registered Nursing booth with a bowl of chocolate kisses, the Theatre booth with a mask, the Environmental Horticulture/Floristry booth with several plastic plants, and the Journalism with a large photo frame. 

“It’s been a pleasant experience. People here are kind, and informative, which led me in a better direction.” said Christian Timothy, who added they will be enrolled in the Fall. 

Bingo cards distributed at the event were redeemable for a meal at Ocean Campus’ Cafeteria, prompting many attendees to head across the street for lunch.

Overall, attendees like Junko Cheng and Stephanie Arata found the event informative and enjoyable, praising the variety of offerings and engagement opportunities provided.

The event concluded with raffle winners being drawn for backpack prizes, with the crowd gradually dispersing by late afternoon.

City College Connect event includes Mister Frostee truck for their registered attendees at the Ocean campus on Saturday, April 27.
Photo by Emilio Lopez-Molina/The Guardsman

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