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City College LCD vandal strikes twice in a week

By Kyle Roque


           During the week of Jan. 29 someone attempted to steal two LCD projectors in the Multi-Use Building (MUB) on campus, successfully procuring one and only tampering with the other.

On Tuesday, Jan. 31 faculty reported that the LCD projector in MUB Room 188 had been tampered with finding that the projector image pointed down at the floor when turned on. The report noted the projector was working fine the previous Thursday and “it appears as if someone had tried to steal it, and was unsuccessful.

        An email generated to the faculty help desk described the event said instructor Dana Galloway “reported that the projector in her classroom had been tampered with.” The email added that: BMS cannot supply our projector carts to the Multi-Use Building.”

The day following the discovery of the damaged projector, the projector next door in MUB Room 180 was reported missing. It was disconnected from the security cable which was left intact and hanging from the ceiling.

On Feb. 2 another email was issued to the help desk that said the “projector is gone. Security cable is still there, hanging from ceiling. This time the thief succeeded.”

        This is not the first theft on campus or the first theft from the MUB, though it is the first successful heist of a projector from the MUB.

The MUB has cameras and a security alarm which is set once the building is closed. Campus police also does routine walk-throughs of the building.

According to Sergeant Tiffany Green with campus police, no one has been caught at this time though they are “attempting to follow up with the director of the department to determine if the thefts are related and for any further information regarding who may possibly be responsible for stealing the projectors.”

Illustration by Hanna Chan
Illustration by Hanna Chan



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