City Seeks to Lesson Opioid Harm

February 15, 2022 The Guardsman 0

As the opioid epidemic in San Francisco has prompted City Officials to declare a state of emergency and introduce new initiatives, City College continues to offer limited solutions through certificate programs and student services amid budget uncertainty. 

And The World Stood Still

October 6, 2021 The Guardsman 0

We’ve become so accustomed to the routines of modern life. Accustomed to the long hours and the rush hours and the deadlines that invade further into our consciousness each day. Shouldn’t there be more to life?! We have become so accustomed to the trajectory of the world, that we rarely take a moment to consider that the trajectory could ever change.
And yet now it has.

Poll Showed Faculty Hesitant About Face to Face Instruction

August 25, 2021 The Guardsman 0

The Spring 2021 Employee Survey, unveiled during the report, found that as of June 7 86% of City College Staff were vaccinated against the Covid-19 virus. However, 49% of employees reported being “somewhat uncomfortable” or “very uncomfortable” with returning to in-person instruction.