Hurricane Ian Worsened by Climate Change

October 19, 2022 The Guardsman 0

Climate change is partly to blame for the destruction that hurricane Ian reaped in Florida, South Carolina, and Cuba. There are many resources available to help those affected by the crisis, which should be utilized, as climate change affects us all.

You Can Kiss Your Favorite Physical Education Class Goodbye

October 8, 2022 The Guardsman 0

The answer is California Title 5 under Division 6; Chapter 6; Subchapter 1; Article 4 as it reads “District policy may not permit students to enroll more than one time in an active participatory course in physical education, visual arts, or performing arts pursuant to this section.” and similarly “may not permit student enrollment in…more than four times for semester courses or six times for quarter courses.”

Proposition 27 Is Flawed, Native Tribes Should be Listened To

September 28, 2022 The Guardsman 0

Proposition 27 will legalize online sports betting but will not effectively use tax dollars earned from this to aid homelessness in California. Our state did not learn from Colorado’s similar proposition, which means tax loopholes and incomplete funding plans will be detrimental to creating true public change.