Proposition 27 Is Flawed, Native Tribes Should be Listened To

September 28, 2022 The Guardsman 0

Proposition 27 will legalize online sports betting but will not effectively use tax dollars earned from this to aid homelessness in California. Our state did not learn from Colorado’s similar proposition, which means tax loopholes and incomplete funding plans will be detrimental to creating true public change.

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St. Anthony’s and City College’s Fashion Department Organize Clothing Drive

March 19, 2020 The Guardsman 0

The Women’s Resource Center on Ocean Campus had events planned to celebrate Women’s History Month. However, due to the coronavirus, these events are postponed. Through the Women’s Resource Center, many women are able to share their thoughts, views, and values from their own experiences. Moreover, women’s resource center creates a valuable environment for City College because it’s the capability to unite and guide women.