Fauci Documentary Remembers AIDS

September 22, 2021 The Guardsman 0

Early in the film a split screen shows the 80-year-old doctor and his 45-year-old self treading the same pathway to work, opening the same door, waiting in the same elevator, walking down the same hall, and entering the same office to type on different computer keyboards. Fauci had become media-worthy for his involvement with AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome). Reading the first reports of PCP and Kaposi’s Sarcoma in young gay men, Fauci sensed it was a new disease. “I got goosebumps.”

What the “Damn Shot” Taught Me

August 25, 2021 The Guardsman 5

Inoculation with unregulated gene therapy that induces cells to produce toxic spike protein can be lethal, and should not be imposed on any student body as a prerequisite for access to public education.