Arrested “mid-hunt”, Suspected Serial Killer Wesley Brownlee Charged In Stockton Murders

Wesley Brownlee arrested in connection to the ‘Stockton Killer’ murders. The only survivor says she wasn’t taken seriously when she reported the incident to police.

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The Vigil: A Social Medium for Outrage

I wanted to play the role I prefer, and choose for myself. helpful, understanding, warm hearted. It’s funny; there’s that trend now on Twitter of all the different silly little red flags that one might see in a potential partner. I’m never unaware of those red flags anymore, it’s just something I’ve begun to ignore at certain points.

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Conversations Online: SF Journalists Join the Classroom

Journalism Department Chair Juan Gonzales, who has built a substantial network of professionals, has been inviting guest instructors such as acclaimed journalists Joe Fitzgerald Rodriguez and A.C. Thompson to his digital classrooms.

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The Guardsman