Submissions/Letters to the editor policy

The Guardsman encourages feedback from our readers. We will attempt to publish letters to the editor as soon as our publication schedule allows.

We offer the following guidelines to readers for submissions:

Letters should be signed with at least a first and last name, or The Guardsman will not be able to publish the letter. Also, please indicate if you are a student or a member of the faculty at CIty College.

Please include your name, phone number, and address along with your submission: The Guardsman will attempt to contact you to verify the authenticity of your submission.

The Guardsman reserves the right to edit letters to the editor for length; please try to keep submissions to 200 words or fewer.

The Guardsman will be unable to publish submissions that do not meet the standards of our publication, which include, but are not limited to:

incoherence, personal attacks, vulgarity, profanity (this includes expletives or letters followed by symbols or dashes), obscenity, commercial promotion or “plugging” a person, product or service and impersonations.

Letters addressed to individual writers may also be published and the writer, section editor and/or The Guardsman’s editorial board may, at their choosing write a response to be published alongside any letters received.

The Guardsman reserves the right to pubish and/or republish submissions in any form.

If wish to give feedback directly to The Guardsman but would rather not have your letter published, specify so in your letter.

Submissions or Letters to the editor can be submitted online via our contact us page, or by mail or fax.

One comment on “Submissions/Letters to the editor policy
  1. Editor,
    While I enjoyed Jackson Ly’s fine profile of our CCSF Police force in your last issue, I do have to admit that it’s a shame that, as part of political theater, they had to be trotted out to “protect” our former pseudo Chancellor, Thelma Scott-Skillman, and, more recently, our Special Trustee, Robert Agrella. At no time was any threat of harm, written, verbal or otherwise ever made against either of these individuals. Skillman being flanked by police as she attended meetings with faculty and Agrella having police “guard” Conlan Hall to prevent faculty from speaking with him were nothing more than acts of oppression and intimidation and show.They also sent a message by each of these imposed administrators that they don’t care about CCSF, despise and look down upon the people who work here and have no interest in getting to know them or hear their views. That’s how it usually goes in a coup.

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