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Homeless People Aren’t The Problem – The City Is

December 18, 2023 The Guardsman 0

Irony is strong in San Francisco’s policies towards drug users and the unhoused – “street cleanups,” in which San Francisco Public Works employees harass people into moving, routinely take place in the very same neighborhoods where drug use is openly enabled. Large groups of unhoused people are moved from one block to another in the name of “cleaning up the streets,” and, as expected, they typically return to the areas shortly after – where else are they supposed to go?

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February 11 State Your Ride

February 23, 2009 The Guardsman 4

You often see “Bobbi,” a candy-red 2009 Honda Metropolitan sitting pretty on Phelan Avenue, minding her own business. But don’t be fooled, this young scooter has already gained the nickname “The Judge.”