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The Frida Kahlo Quick-Build Project Makes the Streets Safer for All

The Frida Kahlo Way Quick-Build project will add a two-way protected bikeway on the east side of Frida Kahlo Way / south side of Judson Avenue, update pedestrian crossings and make changes to improve Muni access and reliability. These changes will improve road safety for pedestrians and people who bike, but they’ll help drivers as well.

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Homeless People Aren’t The Problem – The City Is

Irony is strong in San Francisco’s policies towards drug users and the unhoused – “street cleanups,” in which San Francisco Public Works employees harass people into moving, routinely take place in the very same neighborhoods where drug use is openly enabled. Large groups of unhoused people are moved from one block to another in the name of “cleaning up the streets,” and, as expected, they typically return to the areas shortly after – where else are they supposed to go?

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Board of Trustees President Expresses Concern About Ocean Campus Heating 

A heating update given by Alberto Vasquez, associate vice chancellor of construction and planning, at the Board of Trustees meeting repeated much of the information offered in the Nov. 1 heating issues update, but several dates were mentioned for the completion of projects and the submission of designs to the California Division of the State Architecture (DSA).

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