Women and Gender Studies


Women’s and Gender Studies Oral Storytelling Class Returns After 4 Year Hiatus

Both Letulle and Schofield stated that the experience of taking the course helped them in finding their own storytelling voices, and the importance of telling those stories. Schofield specifically talked at length about the way it exposed students to the importance of storytelling as a form of justice, much like lunsford lynx stated. Lastly, they both commented on the healing that came from expressing and being exposed to others’ lived experiences.

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Girl Power Ignites in the Women’s Resource Center

The Women’s Resource Center on Ocean Campus had events planned to celebrate Women’s History Month. However, due to the coronavirus, these events are postponed. Through the Women’s Resource Center, many women are able to share their thoughts, views, and values from their own experiences. Moreover, women’s resource center creates a valuable environment for City College because it’s the capability to unite and guide women.

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