No Fascist USA! Reveals Decades of Fascist and Anti-Racist History

By Alexa Bautista and Tyler Breisacher &

Staff Writers

In No Fascist USA! by City College Labor Studies professor James Tracy and anti-racist political education trainer Hilary Moore, readers delve into the historic details of the John Brown Anti-Klan Committee and the fight against white supremacy throughout the 1970s and 1980s. 

The cover of “No Fascist USA!” by authors Hilary Moore and James Tracy. Courtesy of James Tracy.

Named after John Brown, a 19th century white abolitionist who fought against white supremacy and stood by the Black Liberation Movement, the John Brown Anti-Klan Committee also fought for self-determination, and embraced the principle of leadership from the oppressed. Through these efforts, the Committee exposed Klu Klux Klan (KKK) members in high positions in government, KKK members actively controlling New York State prisons, and educational institutions. 

With interviews from former members, their lessons and examples help provide information for those in social justice work today to fight off discrimination for future generations. 


By backtracking to when President Ronald Reagan was in office, the conversation of the fight against fascism with its plans, policies and strategies are still relevant today. 

As Tracy described from the KKK’s three waves throughout the 20th century, discrimination could survive by weaving around rules and regulations to succeed in oppressing the minority for different generations. By explaining intricate details of “New Afrika” and Assata Shakur to current news such as the Charlottesville car attack in 2017. 

Moreover, by showcasing evidence from past newspapers and photographs created a culture shock for people today in realizing change must be done in order for the United States to keep progressing. Tracy is able to dive in and convince readers the importance of the past to help present and future leaders and activists to keep moving forward despite the difficult challenges that could be faced.

For many people, especially those too young to have lived through the events in this book, the election of Donald Trump may have seemed to come out of nowhere. His racist rhetoric during the 2016 campaign and throughout his first term are shocking. Yet as this book shows, are not as unprecedented in modern American history as they may seem.

Authors Hilary Moore and James Tracy pose together after co-authoring “No Fascist USA!”. Courtesy of James Tracy.

Similarly, Tracy and Moore delve into the history of police violence and police killings. This has become more prominent in the last six years as Black Lives Matter grew from a hashtag to a powerful movement. But as the book demonstrates, it’s been going on for decades, and is tied to other forces of racism and bigotry.

Luckily, it’s not just antisemitism, anti-immigrant sentiment, and racism that have a long history. There is a long-running resistance to those forces as well. By detailing the actions of numerous groups and individuals, the book provides a roadmap for people who want to be part of that movement today, as we approach the likely midpoint of the Trump era.

Weaving together the sometimes-disturbing actions of fascists and white supremacists, with those of the anti-racist groups who fought back, keeps the book engaging and helps avoid a feeling of hopelessness. In particular, ending with a chapter of advice for modern-day activists helps end on an inspirational high note.

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