Have Your Say

By Matthew Cardoza


If you can add one additional class to CCSF, what would be and why?




“Into to becoming an independent adult. You don’t get taught in high school how to plan out your meals, go grocery shopping, and everything that our parents learned in the past ”

Callie Johnson, Math



“Music Production, because I feel like music is a way for people to come together and bring more people to the school.”

Luis Eduardo De Oliveira, Undeclared




“A tattooing class would be a cool thing to add on campus”

Tracy Vu,  Architecture




“I haven’t looked at all the classes offered, I’ve just looked for the classes I needed. I would  like to take is a nutrition class though”

Yilong Huong, Mechanical Engineering



“I’d love to see a breakdancing class or a graffiti/street art class,  specifically using spray cans.”

Cody Aguirre, Art education

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