Letters to the Editor: March 24, 2010

‘Face2Face works as a deterrent’

Editor’s note: This letter is in response to an opinion article by Matt Gomez published in the Feb. 24 issue of The Guardsman titled “Ugliness as a deterrent fails to win war on drugs.”

Matt Gomez is criticizing a program that he has never seen. It is unfortunate. Just as bad is his assumption that teenagers do not place a premium on their appearances. They do and that’s why Face2Face works as a deterrent.

I am also curious to find out how many years Mr. Gomez spent in law enforcement. Sheriff Allman, who came up with the concept for Face2Face has tried for many years many different ways to communicate the dangers of using crystal meth. After using Face2Face he now has the proof that the approach works.

Laslo Vespremi
Owner, Abalone LLC
(The company that makes the Face2Face product)

‘Recommendation re graffiti: leave it’

Editor’s note: This letter is in response to a news article by Liska Koenig published in the March 10 issue of The Guardsman titled “Vandals promoting March 4 Day of Action cost City college thousands.”

I graduated from CCSF in 1978 and have been writing for the Laney College paper in Oakland for twelve years.
I have a recommendation re graffiti: leave it up. It will avoid any removal costs and keep students focused on the issue at hand.

Joe Kempkes

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