Adelita “Addie” Martin finishes last season as Rams Athletic Trainer

By Peter J. Suter


After thirteen years of loyal and dedicated service, Assistant Athletic Trainer Adelita “Addie” Martin will be leave City College of San Francisco’s Athletic Department.

Addie completed her final game as Rams trainer on April 2, 2018 after joining the City College team in 2005.

“You never really leave City College, you’re still also going to be connected. If you looked at my wardrobe, that’s all you see (Rams apparel),” said Addie.

For Addie the departure is bittersweet, she will be going into a Mon. through Fri. nine-to-five job at a local physical therapy clinic that will allow her a set schedule and weekends off.

“It’s going to be an adjustment not taping ankles on a Saturday come September,” Addie said.

City College will be hiring a new Head Athletic Trainer and Assistant Trainer before the fall season starts. “We have a lot of great candidates,” said Addie, who sits on the hiring board.

City College is grateful to have had such a professional and loyal staff member and wish the best of luck to Addie in her new chapter in life!

“City College is a great school, with great athletes and a championship mentality,” Addie said.


Photo courtesy of Adelita Martin.
Photo courtesy of Adelita Martin.


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