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Have Your Say

“Where do you get your information about campus issues & events?”

By Aminah Jalal

Photos by Fran Smith


“I’m subscribed to the e-mail for newsletters and they send me, you know, updates about what’s going on on campus. Especially right now, we got an update from the coronavirus. They’re sending emails to everybody saying, like, there’s been no case so far so I find that impressive.”
Ozzy Solorzano – Computer Network Information Tech


“Usually, there’s like flyers passed around or like the teachers mention something. Generally, the English teachers, I found, are really good about mentioning things that are going on and sending out flyers through email.”
Cecilia Orellana – Criminal Justice major


“So, being a part of the Students Supporting Students space, a lot of our information comes from here. A second thing would be The Guardsman. A lot of what’s going on campus-wise. Information here on this campus and other campuses and even connected to the city.”
Malinalli Villalobos – Latin & Latinx Studies + Pacific Islander Studies


“To be honest, the Student Supporting Students space is one of my main sources of information because a lot of the mentors here usually really knowledgeable about different events that go on throughout campus, but then there’s also those emails that they sent out. But, to be honest, I don’t really check those.”
Veiongo Taumoepeau – Business Administration
The Guardsman