Answers for voters uncertain of registration status

By Catherine Lee

The Guardsman

For voters who really want to cast that winning vote for the next superstar mayor of San Francisco, but think they might not be eligible to vote, there are many ways to cast a “provisional” or special ballot. While it takes extra effort to vote, it’s worth using these tools to get your ballot counted.
Example: You registered to vote in San Francisco, then moved within the city and county and forgot to re-register at your new address.

Solution: Cast a “provisional” at City Hall beginning Oct. 11 until election day, or at any polling station on election day. Provisional ballots are the dexterous solution to many issues raised by San Francisco voters (address, name or party affiliation change, lost ID, etc.)

Example: It would be so much convenient for you to vote at the polling place near your work or school.

Solution: Cast a “provisional” ballot at any polling station on election day.

Example: You are registered to vote in San Francisco but with your crazy work and school schedule there’s no way you can make it to any polling place on election day.

Solution: City Hall is open for early voting starting Oct. 11, Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Weekend voting is also an option on two weekends: Oct. 29 and 30, and Nov. 5 and 6.

Example: You are a student, registered to vote in San Francisco, but attending school out of state.

Solution: The Vote-by-Mail request deadline is Tuesday, Nov. 1, 7 days after the Oct. 24 voter registration deadline.  You can request a vote-by-mail ballot to be sent to your current address anywhere in the country.  You can make the request by mail or with an online request form.

Example: You moved permanently to another county or state, but you heart really belongs to San Francisco so you never re-registered at your new address.

Solution: Use vote-by-mail. Anyone who has ever registered to vote in California, and has not yet re-registered in another county or state, is still eligible to vote in the last county registered.

Example: You filled out a voter registration card somewhere but you never received a sample ballot or polling information.

Solution: Cast a provisional ballot at City Hall and they’ll sort out your pending registration for you. You can even complete a new voter registration form and vote at the same time.

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