California Attorney General Calls Forced Outing Policies ‘Unconstitutional’

By Mateo Valdez

California Attorney General Rob Bonta has issued a warning to all California school districts, stating that policies requiring school staff to report if students identify as transgender violate the California State Constitution. 

Bonta claims these policies could put kids in danger and can lead to harm at home and in school.

“One-in-10 respondents in a 2015 national survey said that an immediate family member had been violent toward them because they were transgender, and 15% ran away from home or were kicked out of their home because they were transgender,” Bonta said.

This legal warning comes after Bonta secured a ruling following the San Bernadino court’s ruling, which blocks the enforcement of the Chino Valley Unified School District’s disclosure policy. 

The issue has become heated over the past year, as multiple school districts in California are creating policies that force school staff to report transgender students to parents. 

Supporters of such policies argue that these guidelines empower parents to support their kids and that parents have the right to know about their children’s preferred pronouns.

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