Displaced Mission residents gather belongings

Photo story by Bridgid Skiba
contributor to The Guardsman

The day after a four alarm fire burned a three story building on the corner of 22nd and Mis- sion streets, residents patiently waited to be escorted one at-a-time back into the building in order to gather any belongings they could salvage from the rubble.

Residents were provided black plastic trash bags to collect what they could from their apartments. It wasn’t until after leaving their destroyed homes with their entire lives in trash bags that the residents felt reality set in.

Residents were given a white hard hat and trash bags to get what belongings they could get.
Rubble and debris layers the sidewalk on Mission Street.
Alessandro Gonzales stands across the street looking at where he used to live. He feels fortunate he saved his dog. Thursday, Jan. 29.
Displaced residents gather outside the charred building waiting to go inside to get their belongings.