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Oct. 21 Letters to the Editor: Response to editorial in Oct. 7 issue of The Guardsman

Editor’s Note: This letter to the Editor is in response to the editorial “Critical citizens vital to a republic” printed in the Oct. 7 issue of The Guardsman.

I am completely in accord with your editorial condemnation of the Obama commemoration at City College — although I suppose the unearned Nobel prize will now be given as a kind of excuse. “City College should never elevate one set of rational ideas above another,” you rightly say.

The same principle applies to irrational ideas, of course. Yet every year the chancellor participates in the Gay Pride Parade, elevating homosexualism above homophobia. Anyone with a sound knowledge of biology and ordinary skills in conceptual analysis can work out that homosexualism and homophobia are two sides of the same counterfeit coin. But City College elevates one irrational idea over the other.

John A. Wills
Senior Programmer/Analyst
City College information technology services department

Update: The Guardsman recieved several responses to this letter to the Editor. Read them here.

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