A nod to funny and witty Broad City

Photo courtesy of Comedy Central
Photo courtesy of Comedy Central


By Patrick Cochran
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Comedy Central’s hit show Broad City returned to television for its much anticipated second season.

The show stars Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer as Abbi and Ilana, two best friends who always happen to find themselves in crazy situations during their daily life in New York City.

The show is hilarious, and quite groundbreaking. The premise isn’t new, a show with two young stoners and their adventures, but the fact that it features two females in roles that are traditionally male oriented makes it so. The central theme of the show is Abbi and Ilana’s heart-warming friendship, and watching the show it is hard not to love the two of them.

Abbi and Ilana love nothing more then getting ridiculously high and then going out and exploring New York City. They always find themselves in some ridiculous situations, like Abbi breaking up with her boyfriend when he refuses to go into Penn Station in Manhattan, and dumps her instead. I wonder if that has happened at Civic Center before?

Season Two premiered with the episode “In Heat” and the writers did an excellent job making this an episode that challenged the viewers perception. Seth Rogen starred as “Male Stacey,” and without revealing too much Abbi felt that she was a sexual predator twice during the episode.

Veteran comedian/writer Amy Poehler, of Parks and Recreation and Saturday Night Live fame, is a producer on the show, and you can tell her influence rubs off on the show’s warm vibe. Abbi and Ilana are always upbeat, and the world they live in is generally optimistic, mirroring Poehler tendency to make fun/happy comedies.

But just similar to Poehler’s other works, the show makes you think critically about social problems, albeit in funny way most of the time. This week’s episode featured Ilana telling Abbi that, “You are raping rape culture.”

Despite Poehler’s help in the production of the show, Jacobson and Glazer serve as the lead writer along with starring in the show. The two young up and coming actresses began Broad City as a Youtube short while they were in the same improv comedy group. Both of them have bright futures ahead of them, and Broad City is only the beginning for the two.

Broad City premiers with new episodes every week at 10:30 PM after Workaholics on Comedy Central. If you like funny and goofy comedies you should definitely give it a shot.

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