Benjamin Bac Sierra on the Reality of Fiction

February 9, 2021 The Guardsman 0

Benjamin Bac Sierra gives insight into the people, ideas, and experiences behind his book Pura Neta and how the work of fiction is in some ways more honest than reality. He speaks about his relationship with the characters and how they mirror him in some aspects, and what really inspires him to write. 

Memorial for Nieto underway

September 21, 2016 The Guardsman 0

Refugio and Elvira Nieto called upon the Board of Supervisors, specifically John Avalos and David Campos, on Sept. 13 to have a permanent memorial for their son Alex Nieto, a City College student who was shot and killed in Bernal Heights by four police officers on March 21, 2014.

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‘Barrio Bushido’ bridges intellect, actions

March 10, 2011 The Guardsman 0

The new book “Barrio Bushido” by City College English instructor Benjamin Bac Sierra serves as an engine, driven by cylinders of intellect and action, for Sierra’s empowerment movement to transform street culture into positive educational energy.