Legos save the world in new 3-D film

February 20, 2014 The Guardsman 4

A witty, side-splittingly hysterical movie with dialogue so sharp and funny that it rivals many current comedies—and it’s about Legos? Oh yes, it sure is. “The Lego Movie” is the most unexpected movie of the year. You certainly don’t have to be a young child or a lover of colorful bricks to appreciate it.

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Labor Day movie review

February 8, 2014 The Guardsman 5

If you’re into suspending all belief in reality and watching escapist, romantic fantasy love stories like “The Notebook” or “Titanic,” director Jason Reitman’s newest film “Labor Day” will be right up your alley.

Movie Review: Dallas Buyers Club

November 2, 2013 The Guardsman 1

It’s that time of year again. Movie studios, big and small, hoping to score Oscar recognition from the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences. Oscar-buzz alone generally propels movie ticket sales.

This year remember the name “Dallas Buyers Club.”

It has all the markings of an Academy Award winner. The movie is a brilliant telling..

Movie Review: A Complicated Story

October 16, 2013 The Guardsman 10

By Gina Scialabba:

I’ve always loved foreign films. There’s rarely a movie with subtitles I don’t enjoy.

Hong Kong cinema is no exception. Unfortunately, the string of Hong Kong tours de force may have just run out.