23-Year-Old AIDS Mural in the Castro District Defaced with Graffiti

February 15, 2022 The Guardsman 0

Painted in 1998, the mural Hope for the World Cure, at Market and 15th Street in the Castro district, is one of the most powerful public artworks about the chaos and solidarity of the AIDS crisis in San Francisco and worldwide. In late December 2021, approximately one-third of the two-story mural was defaced with graffiti. Restoration will cost an estimated $50,000, according to public relations.

Spikes in Violence May Mean San Francisco Not so Golden After All

December 8, 2021 The Guardsman 1

The deplorable situation in San Francisco does not seem to have an immediate solution, meanwhile, residents are beginning to doubt whether the policies that have been taken in recent years have been the result of the current and scary reality of San Francisco, and how long it might take to recover the city from the ruins.