Three former Rams to SF Prep Hall of Fame

By Taylor Clayton

The Guardsman

Al Vidal, Gary Attell and Holly Doudiet are three of the 11 former high school athletes who will be inducted into the San Francisco Prep Hall of Fame this year on May 19. The SF Prep Hall of Fame, founded in 1982, recognizes extraordinary performance and leadership in high school sports.

All three also played sports at City College and went on to win numerous awards in various sports.

After graduating from Mission High School, Al Vidal spent two years in the US Army and then enrolled City College where he played basketball for the Rams during the 1956-1957 school year. He credits City College with building a strong foundation for his achievements in sports. During his time at City College, the Rams basketball team was loaded with talent, according to Vidal, and he joked about how much playing time he received from his head coach.

“I spent most of my time on the bench rooting,” Vidal said. “ We were the Big 8 champs, we had an outstanding team. The best player on the team was Bob Tealer, he left City College then went to Drake College. He got into education as well and also is in the Prep Hall of Fame.”

“City College really helped me with the GI Bill and getting my feet off the ground after the military,” Vidal said. “They gave me my push towards the chance to become a principal. I spent all those years at (different) school sites as the dean, assistant principal, principal. And City College is where I started.” After one year at City College Vidal transferred to San Francisco State.

Vidal was a teacher at Marina Jr. High School from 1961-1969 and coached basketball and track as well. He was assistant principal for Aptos Middle School, eventually become principal for 7 years until 1981. Following his time at Aptos, he became the principal at Washington High School from 1981-1995.

Vidal was also a referee for the NorCal Basketball officials for 21 years during his time as jr. high school principal, until he decided to devote all his time to being the principal at Washington.

Vidal also become a coach and was involved in many administrative positions. He became the president of the San Francisco Unified School District’s athletic program, was involved in the California Interscholastic Federation-Northern Section, became an office consultant for the Academic Athletic Association and founded the George Washington High School Hall of Fame.

Vidal will receive a special recognition for his work as a SFUSD administrator from 1960-1995.

Other Hall of Fame honorees Gary Attell and Holly Dudiet are highly decorated as well.

Gary Attell was a star second baseman at St. Ignatius High School from 1956-1959, winning two All-Athletic Association (AAA) Championships in 1958 and 1959 and was named to multiple All-Star teams. He played at City College in 1961 before transferring to San Francisco State, where he won 1st Team All-Far Western Conference (FWC) honors while batting .417. He helped lead the Gators to two league championships in 1962 and 1963.

Holly Doudiet, who attended Washington High School from 1999-2003, did not just dominate one sport, she dominated three: softball, basketball and golf. Her accomplishments for softball include being named to two 1st Team All-Academic Association teams in 2000 and 2002, as well as leading Washington High School to AAA and Transbay Championships. She hit a record four home runs in a single game during her time there.

In basketball, Doudiet was named the Most Valuable Player in 2000, named to the 2001 All-AA 2nd Team, won a Sportsmanship Award, and lead GWHS to an AAA league title. In 2002 Doudiet was named AAA player of the year.

Doudiet didn’t stop after basketball and softball. In 1999, as a freshman, Doudiet was on her school golf team that won AAA championships in 2000 and 2001.

She played basketball for a brief moment at City College and is currently at the school studying to pursue a firefighting career.

The Guardsman