ACCJC Placing City College on Enhanced Monitoring


By Meyer Gorelick


City College has been placed on enhanced monitoring by the Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges (ACCJC) due to budget concerns.


Interim Chancellor Dr. Rajen Vurdien announced during the Participatory Governance Committee meeting on Thursday, Sep. 17, that ACCJC President Dr. Stephanie Droker had called him to give him a heads up that he would be receiving a letter informing the school of the decision.


“Enhanced monitoring is not in itself any form of sanction,” Vurdien said. “All it means is that the commission is keeping an eye on what we are doing at the college, especially in relations to our budget.”


“She informed me that all she would require from me is a letter before December fourth informing her that I have received the letter and we are working on addressing our issues.”


Vurdien added that as soon as the letter is received it will be published on the City College website in the accreditation section.


City College is still suffering the financial consequences of a significant decrease in enrollment that began after the ACCJC threatened to revoke the school’s accreditation in 2014.

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