From Disneyland Trips to Beauty Tutorials; See What it Took for One City College Student to Become a Lifestyle and Beauty Guru on Youtube.

By: Diana Guzman

Staff Writer

There are many opportunities that one gets to experience throughout their life. Some may experience starting a new hobby or a new job. 

Feeling a little extra? Try adding crystals to your everyday makeup routine such as Diana Guzman did in her soft-glam pink and purple look. Photo by Diana Guzman/The Guardsman.

When I started blogging as a “Youtuber” in Jan. 2019, I encountered different ways to grow as a person. I began to come out of my comfort zone and when that happened a flow of emotions ran through my body. Spring semester was just starting and I was debating on whether or not to start filming.

My first published video was titled “Vlog #1, Hanging out with my Boyfriend | Stonestown.” I began blogging what my day was looking like and what I did for the majority of that day, which was very nerve wrecking. For example, I would imagine what a viewer’s first thought would be as they watched my videos. 

The beginning of my Youtube journey has helped bring out my confidence way more than when I first started. I was very shy and nervous at first, but now I feel more confident in filming myself and my surroundings. 

One recommendation if someone wants to begin their Youtube journey is to figure out what kind of video one wants to start filming. This can be a collection of different ideas or one certain topic.

To capture videos I personally film with my iPhone because I work better with it, yet if someone is looking for a better video quality I would recommend filming on camera. 

As I carry on this short Youtube journey, I intend to grow stronger in my social skills and use them to empower the person that I continue to pursue in being. Although this may not be my career of choice and I just began. However, I will continue on this journey to further develop my social skills. Although, I still plan to pursue filming videos of my everyday life, beauty videos that are full of tips and tricks, alongside lifestyle videos. 

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  • City College is a great place but when you go home the neighbors are jealous. They try to call the cops and lie about you so they can steal all your ccsf stuff out of your room and the cops beat you. Watch out for the homie druggies who are after your things you earned and don’t care what happens to you. It is really a bad deal.

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